Magazine "OSK"

June 15, 2019

Atomic keys from the North sea route

On may 26 the Baltic Shipyard will be celebrating its 163rd anniversary. On this occasion, the Baltic shipbuilders seeked out a gift: launching their 3rd nuclear icebreaker, scheme 22220, the ”Urals”.  For the “Urals” shipbuilders, the hand-over day will come faster than it did for their forerunner who had built the “Arctic” and the “Siberia” icebreakers. The difference is the process design enabling them to cut the icebreaker construction time [...]
May 14, 2019

A dancing icebreaker

Construction of the icebreaking support vessel Andrey Vilkitsky began in 2015 using large-block construction technology, which Vyborg Shipyard successfully employs in the construction of various classes of vessels. On July 4, 2017, the vessel was launched for further fitting-out and installation of equipment [...]
May 13, 2019

A half century of new ERA

The history of the Svetlovsky Enterprise ERA joint stock company dates back to January, 1969. Since the foundation and to the present, it has carried out electrical installation works during the construction of more than seven dozen ships and vessels of different purposes, as well as of a maritime stationary oil-extracting platform. Several hundred ships have received new life here [...]
May 12, 2019

Always ahead of Times

Over its history, the Sormovo shipyard has many times been a pioneer of technical progress. It saw Russia’s first open hearth furnace, first Soviet tank, first all-welded paddle steamer, the country’s first industrial continuous steel casting plant, the world’s first passenger hydrofoil and the world’s first double-hulled floating crane. As Krasnoye Sormovo is celebrating a major anniversary this year, its people are recalling the shipyard’s glorious history and pondering over present days [...]
May 11, 2019

My plant my destiny!

In November 1927 the first issue of the “Krasny Sormovich” newspaper came out. It was the press organ of the Party Committee, Plant Committee, Komsomol Committee and of the plant management of the “Krasnoye Sormovo”. In May 1928 the first meeting of the “Volga” literary society of Sormovo’s poets took place at the newspaper editorial office. Today both the “Krasny Sormovich” and the “Volga” have passed the 90th anniversaries of their existence [...]
May 10, 2019

Survived together. And celebrated victory together!

75 years ago the most tragic period in the history of Leningrad ended – the fascist siege was lifted. The oldest plant – the Admiralty Shipyards – fought against the enemy for all those 900 dreadful days together with the tormented, but unbowed city [...]
May 9, 2019

Security first

The security units of the United Shipbuilding Corporation and its constituent companies ensure, within their competence, the effective implementation of the tasks assigned to the Corporation by the country’s leadership [...]
May 8, 2019

School under sail

It is not yet time for sailing ships to go to a museum, this is not a spectacular antique, but a fully functional, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and sporting vessel, believes Eugeny Romashkin, captain of the barque Sedov. In his interview, he told how to preserve unique maritime culture, learn  to look through binoculars and see the future [...]
May 7, 2019

IT-big break in ship repairing

It is notorious that implementing modern management information systems in a business environment is a powerful tool in improving competitiveness. Besides, the use of modern information technology contributes immeasurably to the defense readiness condition and the homeland security [...]
May 6, 2019

Connecting shores

It happens that important traffic arteries turn out to be separated by rivers, seas and sea straits. In order to agglomerate them, people build bridges and tunnels, and also create ferry lines [...]
May 5, 2019

Immortalized history of Sevmash

We are continuing a series of publications about monuments to shipbuilders and today we’ll tell about Severodvinsk, where the Sevmash Production Association is located. For almost eight decades, the company has gone through a lot of difficult times, but it has always been focused on strengthening the defense capacity of our country [...]
May 4, 2019

Propulsion activity

The USC Group has been steadily expanding the production of ships and vessels in recent years. Like other domestic corporations, it is tasked to increase the share of civilian products in the total sales to 50% [...]
May 3, 2019

Chief delivery commissioner’s notes

Everything, even a microclimate on the ship, depends on the chief delivery commissioner. Isolation from the shore for many days noticeably exacerbates the feelings. People are under continuous stress that sometimes drives them towards rather strange antics, and sometimes makes them look for something for peace of mind [...]
May 2, 2019

USC Corporate University

In order to effectively implement modern technologies in shipbuilding industry, to create new products within the framework of the diversification programme and to increase the efficiency of the Corporation’s management system, it is necessary to carry out a systematic work on the training and professional development of the personnel. [...]
May 1, 2019

Experience in service for shipbuilding

On 12 February in Saint-Petersburg, USC’s President Alexey Rakhmanov chaired a meeting of corporation’s Council of Elders. The Council, created in 2015, unifies experienced professionals, who have contributed significantly to the development of the industry and have shaped the present-day profile of Russian shipbuilding [...]
April 30, 2019

Shipbuilding of the era of innovations

In summer we will celebrate the most important holiday for our industry, i.e. the Shipbuilder’s Day. The USC has come to it with good results, having seriously improved its economic potential [...]