Electrical installation works under the same control

Electrical installation works under the same control

The United Shipbuilding Corporation brings shipboard electric installation works in Russia to new quality stage by supporting the idea of creating the USC–EMR production specialization center

Correspondent for the Energy of the Arctic corporate magazine

Today, the shipbuilding tends to the growth of ships’ power supply and the increasing share of electrical installation works in the course of their construction. «The Sixth Headquarters of the USSR Ministry of Shipping united all ERA electrical installation enterprises that worked in the same area. Today, there are attempts to revive this practice in order to consolidate the existing professional and production forces in the industry,» explains Oleg Loginov, General Director of JSC SPO Arktika, who suggests making USC-Electromontazhnye Raboty facility (USC-EMR) a specialized technical industry center. The ambitions of the Severodvinsk enterprise are clear. The objective advantages of SPO Arktika in electrical installation works include more than 70 years of experience, the authority among customers and colleagues, and its own base for qualified personnel training. Such facility is able to create a network of compact and efficient branches in USC scheme, concentrating the resources required to perform electrical installation works.

The industrial specialization center supposes to work throughout Russia. SPO Arktika tends to move in this direction: three branches, a representative office, and an engineering center operate in five cities. At the same time, the portfolio of civilian orders is also growing.
SPO Arktika’s engineers and electrical fitters are planning to take part in the construction of the Viktor Gavrilov freezer-fishing trawler in Kaliningrad; it is the biggest one that has ever been built in Russia. In St. Petersburg, specialists of the engineering center are going to start elaboration of working design documentation for the A45-90.2 project passenger vessel.

Oleg Loginov emphasizes, «The Company has switched to the project, planning and production management method of work. New organizational structure has been created and incorporated for this purpose. The young enthusiastic individuals appeared on the «captain’s bridge».


While implementing the concept of specialization center, the company enters into a dialogue with allied suppliers. For example, in 2020, «Ship Electrical Installation», the first scientific and technical conference in the history of modern national shipbuilding, was held. Its attendants discussed problems and achievements in production organization and digitalization, innovative solutions in technology and work standardization, diversification issues and many problems in electrical installation, which had been piling up for years.
The second conference will take place in November 2021 and SPO Arktika is actively accepting applications from those who would like to make a presentation and take part in the general discussion. Close cooperation between the Company and leading design bureaus, shipyards, cable developers and manufacturers will strengthen business ties between USC enterprises.


SPO Arktika is creating its digital platform, i.e. a unified automated management system. Artificial intelligence and big data processing are used for shipbuilding planning. Team leaders and workers are provided with mobile pads for quick access to electronic archive and three-dimensional model of the order. Digitalization doesn’t just affect internal processes: the work with designers is transformed due to conversion to a data-centric model of information interaction.
Therefore, although the idea of creating a production specialization center came from the Soviet practice, SPO Arktika is implementing it according to all modern standards. The company is actively responding to the new conditions in the national shipbuilding industry and meeting any current challenges.

SPO Arktika in numbers
140 000 м2 area of the facility
6 000 units of electrical equipment is produced by the company
3 000 km maximum total length of cable installed by SPO Arktika per year
More than 4500 employees Work at the SPO Arktika all over Russia