Outline of the future fleet

Outline of the future fleet

The USC contest in design and artistic aesthetics of ships and vessels is of great importance for the USC future. The Company management discussed and evaluated contestants’ works, and Alexey Rakhmanov, USC Head, showed the best of them to Russian President Vladimir Putin at a personal meeting. The Corporation is interested in new ideas and especially in young and talented people

The goal of the open creative contest was developing competencies in industrial design to ensure the competitiveness of the Corporation’s ships and vessel designs. The Technical Development Department and the Personnel Management Department of United Shipbuilding Corporation were entrusted with arranging the contest.

The contest committee evaluated the works according to the following criteria:
“innovation of the idea” (the project embodies existing achievements, but is ahead of its time),
“originality of artistic idea and its implementation” (has no analogues among the existing projects in the USC Group, the work expresses a non-standard vision of the object),
“a harmonious combination of form and content, the right choice of materials” (observed proportions, interior and exterior correspond to the purpose of the object).

Significant cash prizes were awarded for winning the contest, as well as the opportunity to be trained under the “USC Leaders of Change” industrial design development program developed by the USC Corporate University together with the National Center of Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB.

There were about 50 applications in the categories “industrial design of warships”, “industrial design of civil vessels and marine equipment” and “interior design”. The most active contestants were employees of the Almaz Central Maritime Design Bureau, the Zvezdochka Shipyard, Onega NIPTB, Nevsky Design Bureau and students of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry named after A. L. Stieglitz.

The winners were announced in early 2021:
Nomination “Industrial design of warships”.

I place – “Multipurpose underwater surface ship of high autonomy” project (Dmitry Shishkin, chief designer of SPMBM Malakhit)
III place – “Design of patrol transport ship” project (Dmitry Damansky, master’s student of Shipbuilding, Ocean Engineering and Systems Engineering of Marine Infrastructure at Komsomolsk-on-Amur State University)

Nomination “Industrial Design of Civil Vessels and Marine Equipment”

I place – “Draft design of cruise ship” (Stepan Nesmiyan, Category 3 Design Engineer, Nevsky Design Bureau) and “Model Range of Underwater Tugboats” (Pavel Zobov, Design Engineer, Sevmash, and Alexander Spiridonov, Head of Department, Sevmash).
II place – “Concept of high-speed passenger catamaran on hydrofoils “Sea Cat” project (Kutyev Evgeny, designer of Almaz Central Maritime Design Bureau) and “Concept of cruise icebreaker “Kunashir” project (Potseluev Dmitry, designer of Almaz Central Maritime Design Bureau).
III place – “Interior and exterior of a 14-meter catamaran” project (Vadim Makeev, 3rd year student of the Department of Design majored in Vehicle Design of the Moscow State Art and Industry Academy named after S.G. Stroganov) and “Salatsia” Ecological modular oceanic platform project (Vladislav Artyugin, engineer for control, analysis and economy of fuel and energy resources of the Department of the Chief Power Engineer of Zvezdochka Central Station).

Nomination “Interior design”.

I place – “Unified wheelhouse” project (Yulia Yakovleva, Category 3 Design Engineer, Nevsky Design Bureau)
II place – Design of warship interior (Artem Murashov, design technician, CKB MT Rubin)
III place – “Design of bridge with integrated bridge control system” project (Anton Lopatin, artist-constructor of Almaz Central Design Bureau).

Outline of the future fleet
Outline of the future fleet
Outline of the future fleet