Address by Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy

Address by Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy

Dear shipbuilders and readers of the magazine, veterans of the shipbuilding industry!

Оn behalf of the military council of the navy and all military sailors, i welcome all those who build the ocean shield of the motherland.

2021 has become a landmark year for the Navy. This year marks the 325th anniversary of the regular Russian Navy, the brainchild of Peter the Great, and the 115th anniversary of the Russian Submarine Forces. The glorious historical past of the formation of Russia as a great maritime power is behind these significant dates. The naval chronicle of our state, its maritime power, the impressive victories of our sailors, achievements in naval science, shipbuilding, and the development of oceans has been written for more than three centuries.

The recent history of the Russian Navy is primarily the history of the ocean-capable fleet, which is being actively equipped with new reliable ships, submarines, and advanced and unique naval weapons.

Today, advanced scientific thought is being realized in the establishment and development of a fundamentally new fleet capable of performing missions of any complexity in all latitudes and meeting threats and new challenges from sea and ocean directions. The Russian naval forces have repeatedly proved their high readiness, performing challenging missions at the cross-branch and all-type fleet level in the sea and ocean zones, as well as in the Arctic. The high performance of Russian naval task groups is the result of hard work and strong cooperation between the Navy and the United Shipbuilding Corporation. Naval sailors are proud of their surface ships, submarines, which embody unique engineering solutions and the latest technologies. You will be able to see this during the Main Naval Parade, as well as at the venues of the International Maritime Defense Show. However, I’m sure that the main and weighty argument of the country’s sea power is the naval presence of our Navy and the demonstration of the St. Andrew’s flag in the world’s oceans, the professionalism of Russian naval sailors.

Today, shipbuilders and the Navy are facing the challenge of preserving and multiplying the glorious naval traditions, comparing their actions with the historical past of our Motherland and realizing the great responsibility to the achievements of previous generations of sailors.

I wish you great personal happiness, strong naval health, and success in the glory of the St. Andrew’s Flag!

Sincerely, Admiral, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy
N. A. Evmenov