A year of grand achievements

A year of grand achievements

The departing year marked numerous grand changes. UCS’s enterprises gained invaluable experience and expertise, having expanded the range of their products

Built at the Baltic Shipyard, the Academician Lomonosov floating power unit became a breakthrough equally in the shipbuilding and energy sectors. Her delivery to the customer this year marked a significant milestone in the life of the enterprise and corporation. Naturally, such platforms, facing good export prospective, will fit in Russia’s future just fine.

A 20-year stagnation spell in Russia’s fishing shipbuilding was broken by the Project SK-3101R lead ship Leninets, built at Yantar. The Vyborg Shipyard, as well as other facilities, traditionally catering to the needs of the Navy, Severnaya Verf shipbuilding plant and Admiralty Shipyards among them, also contribute to the trend, constructing advanced trawlers and long-liners.

Another significant development came through in the cruise ship sector. Despite the fact that they had to start almost from scratch, USC’s shipyards already construct two classes of modern and comfortable cruise ships, namely PV300 and PKS 180 Golden Ring.

Finally, science was a buzzword in USC throughout the year referring to both fundamental and applied aspects shaping the most advanced shipbuilding technologies. The Sredne-Nevskiy Shipbuilding Plant laid down the innovative small research vessel Pioner-M, featuring a composite hull. Also, laid down at Admiralty Shipyards was the ice-resistant self-propelled platform Severny Polus (Russian for Northern Pole) signifying yet another step in the Arctic exploration.

This said, USC still makes it a priority to attend to the state armament procurement program. This year saw the anniversaries of several key defense facilities in Russia, including Admiralty Shipyards, Sevmash, and Zvezdochka. Each of them makes a hefty contribution to Russia’s defense potential and development of domestic shipbuilding.

Admiralty Shipyards floated out an Ivan Papanin-class ice-capable patrol ship and conducted tests of the Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarine Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. Severnaya Verf built and tested the Project 22350 frigate Admiral of the Fleet Kasatonov and Project 20385 corvette Gremyashchy. Yantar and Sevmash are in the middle of trials of the Project 11711 large landing ship Peter Morgunov and nuclear submarine Knyaz Vladimir respectively. Efforts are apace at the Sredne-Nevskiy Shipyard to build a range of Project 12700 minesweepers, while the Amur Shipbuilding Plant laid down four small missile ships and floated out the Project 20380 corvette Aldar Tsidenzhapov. These are just few hallmarks in the implementation of the state armament procurement program this year.

USC spares no effort to contribute to the prosperity of our Fatherland and jumps at every chance to let Russia maintain its status of a naval power.

I sincerely congratulate our strong and solid team of shipbuilders on the accomplishments of the departing year and wish all and every member of the corporation health, wealth, and new professional achievements!

Happy New Year!

Alexei L. Rakhmanov
President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation