September 1, 2021

At the highest level

At a meeting with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Alexey Rakhmanov, CEO and Chairman of the Board of United Shipbuilding Corporation, told about the Corporation’s activities and results, the prospects for the shipbuilding industry, new transport corridors and human capacity development...
September 2, 2021

Viktor Olersky: «A fresh steamship is always better than an old one»

«A fresh steamship is always better than an old one»...
September 2, 2021

From Neva to Yenisei

SNSZ has built the second passenger ship for Krasnoyarsk Region...

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Eduard Bobritsky: The best way to create collective immunity is vaccination

Eduard Bobritsky, Director of the Human Resources Department of JSC USC, talks about the most pressing global issue of 2020-2021, the coronavirus pandemic, and how it has been handled by the company’s enterprises...
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Nizhny Novgorod - 800!

The city has undergone many changes over the eight centuries of its existence, but its connection with the Volga navigation and shipbuilding has never been interrupted..
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165 years of innovations

Since its foundation on May 26, 1856, the Baltic Shipyard continues to be a pioneer in many areas of shipbuilding, implementing the most ambitious engineering projects...