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Первый юбилей

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Scientific flotillia

Specialized research vessels appeared not so long ago and quickly became an invaluable tool for the studies of the World Ocean [...]
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Herous of the maritime state

For centuries, state competitiveness has largely been defined by their maritime power: access to trade routes, reliability of the Navy, scope of sea expedition trips to explore unchartered territories [...]
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The fleet we are proud of you

Dear Colleagues, I wish to sincerely congratulate the employees of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, the labor teams of all our factories, shipyards and design bureaus on Shipbuilder’s Day [...]
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A window of opportunites

Historically we have got toughened working under conditions of various external restrictions and non-competitive practices. Therefore, the pandemic was not a knockdown blow for us, but has become a yet another adverse but quite surmountable circumstance [...]