Первый юбилей

December 18, 2019

Pricing and price competition in shipbuilding

It is a pleasant thing to note that USC’s financial and economic indicators over the past five years suggest that the consolidated revenue jumped by 40-plus percent from 237.2 bln. RUR to 336.3 bln. RUR, IFRS reports. [...]
December 18, 2019

Time to collect knowledge

The world trend of turning knowledge into assets and USC’s desire to better utilize our intellectual capital in boosting competitive advantages paved the way for establishing a knowledge management system in USC [...]
December 18, 2019

Embassy of shipbuilding

The most advanced demonstrations center of the United Shipbuilding Corp. (USC) on the premises of the Patriot park, Russia, was established in preparation for the International Military and Technical Forum Army 2017 and since then has grown into a platform hosting the most interesting events, both intracorporate and those of a larger magnitude, impacting the entire shipbuilding industry [...]