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Ocean: science and technology

The issue you are holding focuses on science and civil shipbuilding. USC is actively engaged in diversification and market research, continuing to implement the production system at its enterprises and develop a panel of suppliers. We see that this is yielding positive results

USC’s commercial production has increased two and a half times over the past four years to reach 57 billion rubles, 15.6% of the Corporation’s total revenue last year. We expect this figure will reach 17% this year. The total order book is about 1 trillion rubles, of which 30% are commercial orders.

The Year of Science is ongoing at USC. We have reformed our Scientific and Technical Council, are developing a knowledge management system, regularly hold expert sessions and round tables on the scientific aspects of the Corporation’s activities, including the exploration of the ocean, which the vessels we have built go out to. The ocean is changing and increasingly affects the environment and human production activities.

Most of the challenges facing humanity today are related to the ocean. This is both the finiteness of bio-and energy resources and the imbalance of the world economy associated with today’s complexities of international politics and the security crisis...

The world community has become more aware about the gravity of the situation, as evidenced by the topic of the G-20 Summit in Osaka and the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development proclaimed by the United Nations.

We are on the threshold of the autumn replete with new challenges. The outgoing summer was rich with dates related to shipping and shipbuilding: we celebrated World Oceans Day on 8 June, Day of Shipbuilder on 29 June, Day of Marine and River Fleet Workers on 7 July, and Day of the Navy on 28 July. And this is not a complete list. We are waiting for September, the Neva International Exhibition, where we will show our achievements and innovations.

In the spring, we summed up the results, in the summer we gained strength, and autumn is a time of new achievements and plans, a time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Alexei L. Rakhmanov
President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation

Ocean: science and technology