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Dmitry Kolodyazhny
Vice President for Technical Development

Konstantin Kulikov
Director General of the NIPTB Onega Research and Process Engineering Bureau

Russian shipbuilding science has always been at the intersection of technology, economy and politics, steadily overcoming the most difficult periods in the history of the country. Today it continues to evolve successfully. But as Academician Peter Kapitsa said, “Success is achieved by people, not devices.” And it’s  important to turn theory into practice in real projects

The establishment of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC) chaired by the president of the corporation was one of USC’s first initiatives. Igor Zakharov, a shipbuilder, Doctor of Engineering, who previously headed the Russian MoD’s First Central Research Institute (currently the Naval Shipbuilding and Armament Research Institute), became its Academic Secretary. Boris Ionov, Doctor of Engineering, a noted scientist in the field of ice resistance and the theory of the icebreaker fleet, had served as Academic Secretary for a long time.

The structures and organization of USC’s Scientific and Technical Council are constantly being improved, and more and more specialists from the Corporation’s enterprises are becoming involved in its activities. In this regard, the main organizational documents determining the activities of the Council were updated in 2019. The Council has also been restructured – now it is aimed at addressing problems related to the scientific and technological innovative development of USC in a comprehensive manner. Seven areas of competency growth and, correspondingly, the same number of the STC sections have been identified. Interaction with USC’s Council of Elders and the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists, as well as with the Krylov State Research Center is foreseen.

A system to prepare, take and follow-up the Council’s decisions is being set in place. This year, as part of its activities, four events were held where the most relevant areas of the corporation’s development, including the problems of enterprise diversification and development of new product solutions for civil marine equipment, were discussed and appropriated decisions were taken.

USC is actively seeking to shape an effective innovation policy and create conditions for career development of young researchers. Clearly, USC should become an engine for developing innovation and introducing breakthrough technologies to improve the competitiveness of domestic marine equipment, establish fundamentally new shipbuilding facilities and develop new technologies and projects.

Today, 24 Doctors of Science and 266 Candidates of Science work for the United Shipbuilding Corporation’s enterprises. Ten basic academic departments operating at the enterprises jointly with universities play an important role in training qualified specialists and scientific personnel. The domestic shipbuilding industry desperately needs an influx of young specialists who have high-quality classical engineering education and are able to carry out project management and innovation activities. Conditions for continuing postgraduate education have also been created. Such education is needed to keep up to date both engineering knowledge and the motivation to conduct and lead research and development.

USC is making considerable efforts to shape an effective innovation policy

Particular attention is paid to the work of the latest high-tech laboratories at design bureaus, where considerable research is organized, including with the participation of students and factories. It is there that innovative projects are tested and introduced and the most daring plans of designers and researchers are implemented.

There would be no progress without inquiring minds, bold ideas, talent and hard work. This potential is realized through active scientific creativity, the results of which are presented in scientific publications and at scientific and technical conferences. Four regular scientific and technical conferences are organized at USC. They are held on the premises of Production Association Sevmash, Rubin Design Bureau, St. Petersburg Marine Design Bureau Malachite, and NIPTB Onega.

Science at Sevmash

The industry scientific and technical conference entitled “Digital Design and Manufacturing Technologies in Shipbuilding” has been held at Sevmash annually since 2015. It deals with the creation and use of a digital ship model, project data management and integrated digitalization of manufacturing.

The conference is held under the auspices of USC and is attended by executives and specialists of leading design organizations and shipbuilding enterprises, as well as representatives of related industries.

This year, the event attracted over 250 specialists from 40 different organizations. Representatives of the Rubin Design Bureau, St. Petersburg Marine Design Bureau Malachite, CMDB Almaz Design Bureau, Severnoye Design Bureau, Center for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Technology, Yantar Shipyard, Zvezda Far Eastern Plant, NIPTB Onega, NPA Arktika Northern Production Association, Zvyozdochka Ship Repair Center, St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Institute of Shipbuilding and Marine Arctic Engineering, etc. regularly participate in the conference.

This time the conference program was divided into two sections: “Digital Design Technologies” and “Digital Manufacturing Technologies”.

The first section presented reports by specialists of design bureaus, industrial enterprises and industry research organizations concerning the use of digital technologies in design and designing preproduction.

The second section was devoted to digitalization of manufacturing and processes, special electro-optical measuring equipment, the introduction of modern CNC machine tools, etc. It was attended by suppliers of production machinery, specialists of industrial enterprises and specialized educational institutions. Issues related to the prospects of using additive technologies in the shipbuilding industry were also considered.

Young innovation

The conference “Innovation of the Young” has been held by Malachite annually since 2012. It took place for the first time with support from the AVI Charity Foundation (named in the memory of Deputy General Designer Amosov Vladimir Ivanovich) in 2016. Since 2017, the conference has been held once a year.

The main areas of reports at the conference concerned new solutions to traditional shipbuilding problems, promising innovative developments and information technologies in shipbuilding, and new types of marine equipment. In addition, they discussed shipboard weapon systems, systems and machinery, new structural and shipbuilding materials and technologies for their processing, the evolution of the shipbuilding production system, and the promising areas of handling design documentation at the ship development and construction stages.

According to organizers, the main objectives of the conference are to attract the attention of specialists to problematic issues of shipbuilding and prepare the conditions for the introduction of innovations, to present innovation contributing to the development of the company and the shipbuilding industry, and to generate interest in research and innovative activities. In addition, the discussion of scientific and technical ideas and the improvement of professional knowledge and skills are of great importance.

The United Shipbuilding Corporation employs 24 Doctors of Science and 266 Candidates of Science

Young specialists from Malachite, USC subsidiaries, as well as students, graduate students, postgraduate students of higher educational institutions, cadets of military specialized institutions and scientific companies are invited to participate in the conference.

The conference “Innovation of the Young 2019” was held at Malachite on July 5 and was dedicated to the memory of outstanding General Designers Georgy Chernyshev and Sergey Kovalev, as well as the memory of Chief Designer Vladimir Amosov.

Eighteen reports were presented at the conference. Based on the results of their discussion, the jury selected three winners. They were Pavel Andreev with his report “Development of the demonstration and exhibition potential of St. Petersburg Design Bureau Malachite, Maria Govorovskaya, who spoke of “The components of a life cycle management system that provide a design description of the product at the stages of its life cycle” and Ivan Ponamarev, whose report was called “Implementation of the Company’s corporate portal.” The report by Elena Nekhoroshkova from Sevmash entitled “Taking ship’s hull measurements using reference point transfer technology” was noted as the best report from USC subsidiaries and was awarded a separate prize.

Rubin looks to the future

The Rubin Design Bureau has been organizing and holding the Youth Scientific and Technical Conference since 2002. This annual event is attended by young specialists from enterprises and organizations of Russia’s shipbuilding and related industries.

The conference is aimed at improving the professional and scientific-technical level of young workers, facilitating the interaction between young specialists and experienced workers, developing professional ties between the teams of shipbuilding and related industries and identifying promising innovative ideas and developments.

As part of the conference 2019, sections on submarine design, construction & repair, electronic systems for submarines, and the development of power plants and auxiliary equipment for them were held. In addition, the topics of the sections included the design and construction of unmanned underwater vehicles and mathematical modeling in design.

Not just for decoration

The Marine Furniture Industry Conference has been held every two years since 1998. The initiative for holding a regular conference belonged to shipbuilding authorities and the Navy’s General Directorate of Shipbuilding.

The tenth anniversary conference held in 2018 gathered its traditional audience: designers and manufacturers of marine furniture, material and component suppliers, specialists from testing laboratories, representatives of the Ministry of Defense and regulatory organizations. The professional forum was devoted to summarizing the experience of designing and manufacturing marine furniture and elements used for fit-out of shipboard spaces.

The conference was supported by the United Shipbuilding Corporation. It was attended by employees of more than three dozen organizations and enterprises of the shipbuilding industry: CMDB Almaz Design Bureau, Rubin Design Bureau, St. Petersburg Marine Design Bureau Malachite, Severnoye Design Bureau, Nevskoe Design Bureau, Lazurit Central Design Bureau, Admiralty Shipyards, Production Association Sevmash, Zvyozdochka Ship Repair Center, Shipbuilding Plant Severnaya Verf, etc.

The conference discussed the design of marine furniture, taking into account special requirements for its technical characteristics, ergonomics and aesthetics, the use of new composites for manufacturing furniture and elements used for fit-out of shipboard spaces, and the organization of interaction between customer, designer and manufacturer. In addition, they were interested in project standardization and customization, their impact on competitiveness and pricing, as well as ways to reduce costs: lean manufacturing, import substitution and cooperation.

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