Первый юбилей

The Kaliningrad TV Company, with support from USC, has launched a new cycle of short documentary films entitled “Understandable Science.” They will present TV viewers with such a core industry as shipbuilding, talk about the history of the Russian fleet, science development and the unexplored secrets of the World Ocean

he Kaliningrad Museum of the World Ocean acted as an active participant in the project and became the main venue for filming. Speakers include USC President Alexey Rakhmanov, Director of the Museum of the World Ocean Svetlana Sivkova, Deputy Director of the Institute of Oceanology for Ecology of the Seas and Oceans, RAS Corresponding Member Mikhail Flint, Executive Director of the History of the Fatherland Foundation Konstantin Mogilevsky and others.

The first film of the series, devoted to a brief history of shipbuilding, tells in plain and figurative language why heavy metal structures of ships are able to float, what riches are hidden in the depths of the World Ocean, and how modern ships will change beyond recognition in the foreseeable future. This film was first shown to a wide audience at the end of June – its premiere was timed to coincide with Shipbuilder’s Day.

The next film will tell us how the invention of an engine changed the course of human history, help us trace the evolution of power plants and learn how to understand their variants.

Eight films of the project are expected to be released by the end of the year.

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