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Korean U-Turn

Alexander Navolotsky
Director of the Vendor Development and R&D Coordination Department, USC

Today, the Republic of South Korea is the world leader in shipbuilding. Its shipyards manufacture in-demand and competitive products. Owing to great experience in shipbuilding, highly qualified personnel, technology developments and high production capacities, Korea was able to get ahead of Japan and China, its closest rivals

Korean shipbuilding industry specializes in the construction of offshore platforms, large-tonnage container ships, LNG carriers and special vessels. Almost all the South Korean shipyards’ requirements for marine ancillary equipment, including sophisticated and high-tech equipment, are met by South Korean general and marine engineering companies.

The customer views a Korean manufacturer as an efficient and loyal partner supplying high-quality modern products. Cooperation between Russian shipbuilders and Korean marine equipment suppliers has considerably intensified in recent years.

The Russian Federation has set a challenge for the shipbuilding industry to significantly increase the production of civilian vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, icebreakers, fishing, passenger, research and industrial vessels in the near future. In this situation, the USC Group enterprises must offer our public and private customers vessels and equipment that meet the latest requirements.

Unfortunately, many European companies, participating in the sanctions, have stopped supplying equipment to shipbuilding enterprises in Russia. This resulted in a failure to meet ship construction deadlines, financial loss to shipyards and customers and deterioration in the image of domestic shipbuilders. Substantial cooperation with marine equipment manufacturers from South Korea is a healthy alternative to avoid technological dependence in this situation.

To implement a mutually beneficial partnership, the Russian-Korean Business Council on Shipbuilding, chaired by President of USC Alexey Rakhmanov, was set up on October 26 last year. This year, USC has signed memorandums of understanding and partnership with the two largest Korean associations of manufacturers of marine components: the Busan Marine Equipment Association and the Korean Marine Equipment Association (KOMEA), with more than 300 leading South Korean machine builders. On July 24, the Korean Marine Equipment Association opened a permanent establishment in St. Petersburg. Russian shipyards have received the opportunity to communicate with many Korean manufacturers of marine ancillary equipment in one stop shop. The next step in the development of Russian-Korean relations is to localize production of Korean high-tech equipment in St. Petersburg.

USC is seriously considering engaging Korean suppliers in the civilian vessel design process.

Under the business program of the 15th NEVA 2019 International Exhibition and Conference on Civil Shipbuilding, Shipping, Ports and Ocean and Shelf Development, USC, together with Busan, KOMEA and the trading department of the Korean Consulate General, has scheduled the Russian-Korean day of the marine equipment supplier. The event will inform participants of the plans for the construction of civilian vessels in Russia and various aspects of the localization and application of the requirements of Government Decree No. 719 to shipbuilders and marine engineering equipment manufacturers. It will facilitate establishing direct contacts between representatives of design bureaus and shipyards, Russian manufacturers of marine equipment and their Korean partners. We hope that work with Korean manufacturers will be successful and long-term.

Korean U-Turn
Korean U-Turn
Korean U-Turn