Первый юбилей

Shipbuilding of the era of innovations

In summer we will celebrate the most important holiday for our industry, i.e. the Shipbuilder’s Day. The USC has come to it with good results, having seriously improved its economic potential

Back in 2014 our revenue made up 237 bln roubles, and in 2018 it already reached 362 bln roubles. Working to get parity in the revenues from the sales of civilian and military products, we have achieved the status when today one third of our portfolio of orders are the commercial ones. Over the past four years, the volume of the USC’s civilian products has increased by 2.5 times and reached 57 billion roubles.

Kaliningrad’s Yantar, Vyborg Shipbuilding Plant, Admiralty Shipyards and Severnaya Verf have received orders for three and a half dozen of fishing trawlers. Plants Lotos and Krasnoye Sormovo are keeping on building cruise vessels of project PV300 and the “Golden Ring” wheeled motor vessels of project PKS-180.

This year we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the nuclear-powered icebreaking fleet of Russia, and it is possible to state that today the construction of icebreakers is one of the obvious world trends. USC, being the leader of the icebreakers construction, is intending to continue its intensive development in this area. Meanwhile, three powerful LK-60 icebreakers are being built at the Baltic Shipyard.

2019 was declared in the USC as the year of science, and it is not by chance. We clearly see: the new world trend is the orientation on science, both basic and applied. In its work, the USC is focusing on the creation of high-tech products. Our flagship projects include the creation by the Admiralty Shipyards of the “North Pole” ice-resistant self-propelled platform, which should become a floating observatory for Russia’s research works and environmental monitoring.

The construction of the “North Pole” is aimed at the fixation of the Russian presence in the Arctic and the positions of Russia as the world leader in polar science. Another example is the last year’s commissioning by the Baltic Shipyard of the first ever in history mobile transportable power unit, i.e. the “Academician Lomonosov” floating nuclear power unit. Obviously, we are now at the beginning of the era of mobile power plants, and this experience is an important competitive advantage. The USC is building up competencies in order to be able to satisfy the existing demand for the update of the research fleet.

Currently, the USC employ around 100 thousand people, but our enterprises still need highly-qualified personnel. We annually accelerate the volumes of cooperation with field-specific colleges and higher educational establishments. We help educational establishments materially or organizationally, create on their base new research and technology centres and specialized departments, take every possible step to promote engineering specializations. Young USC’s engineers often become winners of the Worldskills contests of professional skills and a number of other engineering competitions.

The shipbuilding industry is famous for its traditions and dynasties. Many of our shipyards have been operational already for more than one century. This year we are celebrating anniversaries of truly legendary enterprises: 315 years of the Admiralty Shipyards, 170 years of the Krasnoye Sormovo plant and 80 of the Sevmash. A bit younger are the Almaz Central Maritime Design Bureau – 70 years old, and the Shiprepairing Center "Zvyozdochka", which is 65. Each of them has its own unique history, but they are all united in their desire to continue to serve to our Motherland. And there is still a lot to do.

Alexei L. Rakhmanov

President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation