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USC Corporate University

Eduard Bobritsky
Director of the Department of Personnel Management of USC

In order to effectively implement modern technologies in shipbuilding industry, to create new products within the framework of the diversification programme and to increase the efficiency of the Corporation’s management system, it is necessary to carry out a systematic work on the training and professional development of the personnel. The USC Corporate University, being a driving element of internal personnel training, will focus on meeting the abovementioned tasks

This year it is planned to launch three programmes at once. The first one is “Business Diversification”; it will focus on developing competencies for introduction of new products to the market and creation of centres for product specialization. The second one is “The School of Production Management”; it involves two areas: forming up the business processes of production in the USC Group of companies and improving the quality of implementation of managerial functions at the linear level. And finally, the third programme “Avangard” aims at shaping a systemic idea of managing a high-tech corporation in the aspect of all business processes and inclusive of digital transformation.

Training programmes will be based on priority management tasks set by the management of the Corporation. The ones to complete these tasks will be the teams from the candidate pool – specially chosen specialists from whom the management expects project proposals and effective actions on implementation of organizational and technical transformation of the Corporation and on building a management system that ensure the development of a portfolio of products and services.

Platform for the best practices

The activities of the USC Corporate University suggest a close coordination with external educational structures: universities, colleges, training centres and corporate universities of other organizations. It will become a platform that brings together the best practices in fields of staff training and development. Experts in the sphere of shipbuilding and other industries as well as lecturers from leading technical universities will be involved in formation and implementation of educational programmes that will be able to adapt the theory and practice for the production needs.

At the same time it is important to simultaneously form so-called centres of competence on key and most critical areas of knowledge, such as production planning, diversification, product line upgrading, new product development, optimization of product lines, new materials and technologies in shipbuilding, as well as development of after-sales system and service.

Given wide geography of the Corporation’s enterprises, as well as high levels of man-loading, it is planned to create a system of a remote learning. Training courses designed to introduce new technologies and implement the corporate strategy, to support management decisions, and, moreover, to transmit the values and corporate culture of the USC will be developed. It is planned to create training courses on such topics as “Product lifecycle management”, “System engineering”, “Management of a distributed shipyard”, “Tools of the production system”, “Additive technologies in shipbuilding” etc.

These measures will ensure the solution of priority strategic tasks via the forces of engineering and management personnel, as well as it will train managers and candidates pool focused on achieving technical and technological breakthrough in the industry.

New generation of shipbuilders

Corporate training system is an element of the system of continuous education in the following model: School – Post-secondary training institution – University –Enterprise, which implies the close interaction of educational institutions and the Corporation at all stages of specialists’ training.

The United Shipbuilding Corporation is actively involved in career guidance activities. Employees of the Corporation tell the younger generation about the profession of the shipbuilder ever since they are at school, which allows engaging young people and keeping them interested in the industry.

For example, the enterprises within USC participate in such social and educational project as the “Tsar-carpenter” contest. The ones to take part and compete in it are the teens: children and grandchildren of our shipyard and design bureaus workers, Nakhimovets and Cadets. This is a complex of career guiding events, training workshops and quizzes. The main prize is a trip on a real sailboat.

Specialists of the USC enterprises conduct career guide lectures, guided tours, and actively participate in the All-Russian event “A Week without turnstiles”. The USC supports institutions of additional education with technical focus: sections on ship modelling and robotics. The Corporation also stands as a partner of federal competitions and competitions for schoolchildren, including the multi-disciplinary engineering Olympiad “Zvezda”. In addition, professional forums and scientific conferences are held for students and young specialists of the USC, as well as the annual engineering-management competition “Together we are the future” aimed at forming the youth candidate pool of the Corporation.

An important project in terms of developing professional competencies is the corporate championship on WorldSkills standards (the USC has been participating in this movement since 2015). Last year, the number of participants and experts doubled; competitions for five competences were held for the first time, including the newly developed “assembly of metal ships hulls”.

Within the framework of the “Engineers of the Future” forum a Shipbuilding Faculty for young engineers was organized in 2018 for the first time, which includes a special programme for training and work on topical for the Corporation issues: development of production system, prospects for the introduction and development of PLM-, PDM-systems, product life cycle management, creation of a united information space at the enterprises of the shipbuilding industry, and many others.

I would like to highlight that at the enterprises of the Corporation for the period up to 2022 the demand for approximately 1150 graduates in the sphere of engineering is preserved. Nowadays, more than 900 students of the Russian higher educational institutions are studying on the target training programmes; they will come to work for the enterprises of the USC.

More than 3000 students of higher and secondary vocational education, including about 900 final-year students, annually intern at out enterprises. Primary chairs play key role in training of qualified specialists and the ace of aces screening. The USC in collaboration with different universities has founded ten such chairs.

Many large Russian organizations, such as “Rosatom”, “Sberbank of Russia”, and “Russian Railways”, already have their own corporate universities and academies. The idea of continuous training of employees within the company and in accordance with its own vision and strategic goals for further development is becoming increasingly popular, which is not accidental. We are confident that a systematic approach to personnel training will allow us to effectively implement organizational changes and enhance the competitiveness of the Corporation. 

USC Corporate University
USC Corporate University
USC Corporate University
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USC Corporate University
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