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Propulsion activity

Sergey Lyashenko
Director of Department of Technological Development, USC

The USC Group has been steadily expanding the production of ships and vessels in recent years. Like other domestic corporations, it is tasked to increase the share of civilian products in the total sales to 50%

ll of the Corporation’s products are equipped with propulsion units of various design depending on projects.

Today, 50 to 80 percent of propulsion unit components are often imported ones produced on the territory or using technologies of the countries that support the sanctions policy against Russia. This poses a potential threat of restricting our competitiveness in both domestic and foreign markets. Obviously, it is necessary to ensure our own research and technology security with respect to the development and production of propulsion units, and this is possible only in close partnership with manufacturers of power plants of various types.

USC sees this process as the integration of domestic developers and manufacturers of propulsion unit components around the USC Group, with the involvement of power plant developers and manufacturers. In our opinion, such a model of interaction will help establish close contact between developers and manufacturers of propulsion units and power plants, ship and vessel designers, as well as research organizations.

A major area of focus is maintaining and developing the existing research and technology groundwork laid by the NPO Vint Research and Production Association (the major subsidiary of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center) and the school of thought in hydrodynamics, which was one of the strongest in the country in the Soviet times and served as the basic ship propulsor design bureau in the industry. For more than 60 years of its existence, the school has accumulated vast experience in the development of various types of propulsion units.

The priority objective to be achieved through integration is to improve in-production propulsion units, improve their operating efficiency and competitiveness in the commercial market.

We need to form our own model range of propulsion units for the whole lineup of USC Group vessels and ships to further develop this area. New units should have high performance combined with the total delivery cost, not exceeding competitors’ offers in the market.

In 2019-2020, USC intends to establish the USC-Propulsion product specialization center

In addition, a major challenge is to establish our own service network for maintaining propulsion units produced and supplied by the USC Group. A potential operator of our products should be sure of the quality of the purchased product and one-stop services in case of any problems in operation.

Today, these services are in demand in the market in a package comprising development, production, complete delivery and services of propulsion units for all ship projects of the USC Group and external customers.

Zvezdochka’s Propulsion Systems Center and NPO Vint Research and Production Association, its major subsidiary, have their own portfolio of projects for propulsion units of various power, such as propulsion/steering units, adjustable pitch propellers, fixed pitch propellers, thrusters and water jets.

NPO Vint has been successfully engaged in reengineering projects on external customers’ requests. It also has its own pilot plant with test tanks specializing in the manufacture of prototypes and series products. Zvezdochka’s Propulsion Systems Center has been undoubtedly the USC Group’s major and best-equipped production site for high-power propulsors and propulsion units in recent years. In addition, various enterprises of the USC Group have a number of production facilities for key propulsion unit components.

In 2019-2020, taking into account market needs and in-house capabilities, USC, together with developers and manufacturers of diesel and electric engines, intends to establish a product specialization center, USC-Propulsion, which would consolidate management of the Group’s core assets and, as a system integrator, jointly with engine developers, would be engaged in the development, production, maintenance and modernization of propulsion systems for all projects being implemented by the USC Group.

The main goal of USC-Propulsion will be to manufacture, market and service a domestic model range of propulsion units with a minimal percentage of imported components that completely meets domestic needs.

Currently, USC, together with the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center, has initiated a project to consolidate its production and technology assets engaged in the development and production of propulsors, propulsion units and their components.


Propulsion activity
Propulsion activity
Propulsion activity
Propulsion activity
Propulsion activity