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A half century of new ERA

Roman Grigoriev
Director General of JSC Svetlovskaya ERA

The history of the Svetlovsky Enterprise ERA joint stock company dates back to January, 1969. Since the foundation and to the present, it has carried out electrical installation works during the construction of more than seven dozen ships and vessels of different purposes, as well as of a maritime stationary oil-extracting platform. Several hundred ships have received new life here.

vetlovskaya ERA is located on the bank of a navigable canal, thirty kilometers from Kaliningrad. Since its inception as part of the ERA Riga Production Association, the company was oriented on servicing the Soviet large-tonnage fishing fleet. In addition, in cooperation with Svetlovsky Ship Repair Yard, on the production site of which ERA is located, a series of auxiliary vessels were built and experimental work on the construction of unique catamaran fishing vessels was undertaken.

Having gained independence and autonomy, Svetlovskaya ERA has made a number of successful attempts In its recent history to diversify production and was able to offer its numerous customers a full range of services related to the repair of marine and industrial electrical equipment: integrated diagnostics, alignment, rigging, fitting and assembly, and even welding works, as well as equipment delivery using its own transport vehicles. Such an approach enabled the enterprise to significantly expand its market niche and partially offset the production volumes lost as a result of the breakdown of Soviet-era cooperation ties by attracting new customers.

In 2002, ERA completed the full cycle of the most challenging electrical work on the fixed offshore ice-resistant platform D6 for Lukoil’s Kravtsovskoye field in the shortest possible time, thereby ensuring the Russian company’s control over the oil field of contested ownership.

On March 21, 2007, in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 394, Svetlovskaya ERA was the first to become part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), which was being established, by transferring its shares to the authorized capital of the Western Shipbuilding Center, a USC subsidiary.

In 2012, due to a significant change in market conditions and loss of its major customers, the company undertook efforts to expand into the naval ship repair and shipbuilding segment. ERA was able to quickly re-establish its whole workflow to meet the appropriate standards through the heroic efforts of its staff, and the company itself was certified and licensed to work with military equipment.

USC’s related enterprises, Baltic Yantar Shipyard and 33rd Ship Repair Plant, provided timely and invaluable assistance to ERA in ensuring proper capacity utilization. As a result, the company has acquired a number of new competencies and managed to achieve a five-fold increase in output and profits earned since 2012without borrowing funds.

Today, ERA is involved in all projects carried out by the Corporation’s enterprises in the region. The most significant of these over the past few years include electrical work on the Project 11356Р frigates for the Yantar Baltic Shipyard and work with 33rd Ship Repair Plant under separate contracts for scheduled major repairs of the Baltic Fleet’s ships: the floating workshop PM-82, large landing ships Kaliningrad and Olenegorsky Gornyak.

Svetlovskaya ERA was the first to become part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation

By its 50th anniversary, Svetlovskaya ERA is implementing its largest-ever project involving a full cycle of electrical work on a series of three Project SK-3101R trawlers for the Yantar Shipyard. This project is new and, of course, challenging both in terms of project documentation, which is of the schematic nature and is being developed by a foreign company in real time, and in its engineering content because of the need to use state-of-the-art electrical equipment and extremely high saturation of the electrical part of the project. For example, an average of two kilometers of cable and fifty pieces of electrical equipment fall on every linear meter of the vessel. The result of the company’s work on the lead vessel Leninets looks even more worthy. Electrical work there was completed well ahead the contractual deadlines, and the trawler is ready for sea trials. With implementing such an order, Svetlovskaya ERA has demonstrated the ability to perform a full cycle of electrical work on virtually any order with zero defects and on time.

Looking back, summing up the company’s activities and constructing new perspectives, we can undoubtedly note the high-class and well-coordinated work of its entire staff, which made it possible to exhaustively fulfill all the company’s contractual obligations over the past ten years, with no delivery delays and claims for quality of production. It is this professional approach that has shaped the Svetlovskaya ERA brand, which enjoys the well-deserved confidence of regulatory bodies and final consumers who do not want to entrust their technical problems to other companies. For its part, Svetlovskaya ERA exhaustively fulfilled its obligations to all participants of the company, having not a single case of wage arrears for the last decades and providing annual and steadily growing profits for shareholders.

A half century of new ERA
A half century of new ERA
A half century of new ERA
A half century of new ERA