Benchmarks for USC

Benchmarks for USC

On 4 February, in the United Shipbuilding Corporation pavilion at the Patriot Park, the USC CEO Alexei Rakhmanov summarized 2020 results and told the Heads of shipyards and design bureaus associated with USC about corporate plans

A Alexei Rakhmanov told the audience about successful international performance of Russian shipbuilders in 2020, in particular, that USK joined the top 25 largest producers of armaments (per Stockholm International Peace Research Institute). As of the end of the 3rd quarter of 2020 the Clarkson Research Agency noted a historical breakthrough: for the first time since USSR days Russia joined the top three countries with the highest tonnage of ordered vessels. In 2020 USC-built naval hardware remained one of the most powerful in the world. 9 naval ships were built and 2 more were repaired: this is the largest number of vessels ever commissioned by USC.

Besides, USC commissioned 21 civil vessels, which enabled USC to receive from commercial products 21% of its total revenue. A landmark event was launching the world-largest giant LK-60 icebreaker Arktika to operate on the Northern Sea Route. For other similar icebreakers are being built at the Baltic Shipyard. In the presence of the Russian President the world most powerful diesel-electric icebreaker Viktor Chernomyrdin was commissioned to the customer. Another breakthrough was operation at the bottom of Marianas Trench of the unique unmanned deep submersible vehicle Vityaz, engineered and built by Rubin Design Bureau in collaboration with the Advanced research Foundation. 

According to the USC CEO, the Corporation has adequately overcome the largest challenge of the last year: the coronavirus pandemic. Alexei Rakhmanov thanked the heads of the USC enterprises for that and emphasized that all the Corporation employees would be provided with personal protection gear. With this view, over 3 million of medical face masks and over 10 thousand liters of sanitizers.

In the course of his address, Alexei  Rakhmanov announced the formation of a separate operation management block to be engaged in reducing the timescale of fulfilment of orders as well as decreasing labor consumption of construction. Also, an engineering and advanced designing department will be created, to be responsible for the USC vector of design development, Design Bureau operation management and buildup of research and engineering portfolio. According to Alexei Rakhmanov, the most significant course of development will be digitalization of the Corporation. He promised to personally supervise the process and stressed that he would expect the same from General Managers of USC member companies.

At the end of the event, the floor was taken by the Chairman of the Board Georgy Poltavchenko. He emphasized that the top priority of the near future will be the increase of labor productivity and urged the Heads of the Shipyards and Design Bureaus to take more care of production costs and to develop a package of proposals for potential additional sources of revenue for USC enterprises.

In conclusion, USC Badges of Honor For the Development of Shipbuilding, Certificates of Appreciation and Letters of Acknowledgement were presented. Among those awarded were General Managers of Malachite Design Bureau and Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard Vladimir Dorofeev and Vladimir Seredokho, USC Vice President Vasily Boitsov, Director of the USC Strategic Development Department Sergey Abdykerov, Directors General of Severnoye Design Bureau and Northern Production Association Arktika Andrey Dyachkov and Oleg Loginov.

«By virtue of a presidential decree, the current year in Russia was declared a Year of Science and Technology. I can say that we were proactive in this respect: 2019 in USC was declared a Year of Science and 2020, a Year of Maritime Technologies»
«Based on due diligence audits performed, we arrange our own panel of vendors, with due account for delivery experience, equipment innovation solutions, rates of local content and import substitution»
«Key competence of our national shipbuilding sector is manufacturing high-technology vessels, ships and marine facilities that are unparalleled in the world»
«An industrial model of the USC Group has been adopted, within the framework of which we establish new centers of competence in the areas where we see promising outlooks»
«Efficiency has always been top priority for us. Economic effect of implementation of the cost management program for 2016–2020 amounted to around RUB 75 billion, while savings from procurement centralization over five years was over RUB 25 billion»