CEO column

CEO column

Dear readers!

Yu are holding in your hands an issue of the magazine dedicated primarily to our defense enterprises. Usc-manufactured military equipment continues to be among the most advanced in the world. 

We, the shipbuilders, are directly involved in ensuring the national security of the Russian Federation and protecting its sovereignty.

Last year, the United Shipbuilding Corporation enterprises completed the construction and repair of 11 ships and vessels

 for the Navy. Our portfolio of defense orders through 2027 is about 3 trillion rubles and involves the construction of 58, repair of 12 and annual maintenance of more than 600 ships and vessels.

USC is a regular participant of the largest Russian and international arms exhibitions. In 2021, we’ll take part in the Tenth International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg, which will be held at two venues: on the territory of the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center and at Sea Terminal quays, where ships, boats and vessels will be on display. Our plans also include participation in the Seventh Army-2021 International Military-Technical Forum held at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center in the Moscow region.

These events annually gather representatives of defense industries from dozens of countries and are aimed to showcase the best achievements of scientific and technical thought, embodied in modern and advanced smart weapons, military equipment and technologies, the latest materials and components. USC stands at such exhibitions invariably arouse great interest among visitors, our partners and potential customers.

The Corporation pays great attention to military-technical cooperation. So, the Republic of India, which received the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya and six frigates, remains one of our strategic partners. The first three of them were built at the Baltic Shipyard and the rest at the Yantar Shipyard in Kaliningrad, with another two frigates being currently under construction there. A ship repair program has been carried out for our partners, including at local shipyards, for more than twenty years. In addition to India, close military-technical cooperation has been established with other countries. Russia’s international relations in the field of shipbuilding began to be established more than three centuries ago, in the time of Peter the Great. Considering the development of shipbuilding one of the key priorities of the state, the Carpenter Tsar made a lot of efforts to ensure that our country became a great maritime power. This year we are celebrating one of the most important anniversaries in Russian history – the 325th anniversary of the Russian Navy.

This «living link of times» is preserved and maintained at our Corporation, because the history of each of our enterprises is part of the history of the great country. Anniversary events that unite all our shipyards and design bureaus, which have supported the maritime glory of Russia for more than three centuries, will be held throughout 2021.

In this issue of the magazine you will find an article about theCentral Design Bureau of Marine Engineering «Rubin», which turned 120. Almost a thousand submarines for the Russian Navy and more than a hundred ones for foreign customers have been built to its designs. You’ll also read about the 90-year history of the Nevskoe Design Bureau, the oldest Russian developer of surface combatants, and the 75th anniversary of the Severnoe Design Bureau. Two of our plants are also represented on the pages of the magazine – the Yantar Baltic Shipbuilding Plant, which celebrated its 75th anniversary last year, and the Amur Shipbuilding Plant, which turns 85 this year.

All of USC enterprises are unique: each has its own glorious biography, its own achievements, and, perhaps most importantly, employs really talented people who have chosen shipbuilding as their life’s work.

On June 29, 2021, we will celebrate Shipbuilder’s Day, a national holiday, for the fifth time.

I would like to wish you all good health, well-being and further achievements in your work. I believe that shipbuilding will always remain one of the key industries. Russia was, is and will be a great maritime power! 

Sincerely, USC CEO 
Alexei Rakhmanov