Stop coronavirus!

Stop coronavirus!

In 2020 the globe first faced with the pandemic of coronavirus infection that disrupted the routine way of life of every individual. We have discussed with Eduard Bobritsky, Human Resources Director, Head of COVID-19 Spread Prevention Command Center of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, the way this challenge has affected the operation of JSC USC and the USC Group companies

What were the first actions to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection taken by JSC USC?

E.B.: The pandemic has become a unique challenge and a test of strength for all of us; we had to readjust and operate in a new way. We have established a Coronavirus Spread Prevention Command Center here in the United Shipbuilding Corporation and have adopted an action plan for protecting USC personnel from COVID-19 and for ensuring continuity of our work.

What are the contents of the action plan and what sort of work has been performed by the Command Center?

E.B.: The plan that currently consists of 26 items is promptly adjustable with due account for new measures taken by the nation’s leadership for prevention of the spread of the coronavirus infection in the territory of the Russian Federation.

It is worth mentioning some of the actions already taken: development and adoption of Corporate Safety Standards, daily monitoring of epidemiologic situation in the JSC USC and the USC Group of Companies, purchasing of personal protection gear and equipment for thermometric control, weekly PCR testing, comprehensive informing of personal safety measures, frequent wet cleaning and disinfection of premises and of vehicles that carry personnel to the workplace.  

The Corporation has stopped all business trips abroad, has minimized business trips within the territory of the Russian Federation and has postponed all mass gathering events. When holding meetings, electronic means of communication are mostly used. The IT Department has promptly arranged remote work stations. My colleagues have made their best effort to protect people’s health and at the same time provide implementation of the delivery program in full.

How were your corporate events held under new conditions?

E.B.: The 5th Corporate Professional Skills Championship scheduled to be held in Astrakhan had to be conducted in distant mode. The participants performed their assignments in their home regions under close surveillance of video cameras. Within a very short time our enterprises arranged competition sites in compliance with the WorldSkills high standards. 

That experience was successfully duplicated when our employees participated in the 7th National Championship of start-to-finish jobs in high-technology industrial sector WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2020.

Nevertheless, due to lifting some of the restrictions, we were able to conduct the final stage of the Federal Social and Educational Vocational Counselling Project The Carpenter Tsar in the face-to-face mode. Winners of the online stage and project ambassadors arrived in Moscow to participate in the competition. A unique educational and cultural program was prepared for the participants.

How did the pandemic impact on the scheduled move of the personnel to St. Petersburg?

E.B.: Surely, we had to adjust some of our plans and schedules, however we have not cancelled the move.  We have developed a policy on compensations and warranties for those USC employees who moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg, and also developed information materials on key issues related to the move. The information materials as well as application forms have been posted on the corporate website.

By all means, there is still a lot of work in store for us, connected with adaptation and information support of the employees who has moved to St. Petersburg.

Can you summarize any preliminary results of the work under new conditions?

E.B.: It may be somewhat premature to summarize the results now, however we can make some interim conclusions. It is safe to say that we have managed!  

We have managed due to concerted team work of all the departments of our enterprises and due to personal involvement of each employee. We have managed to ensure uninterrupted operation of our enterprises, both protecting health of our employees and maintaining high standards of our performance. May I take this opportunity to thank, first of all, my HR colleagues as well as all our employees for their ability to act decisively and dedicatedly whenever required, for their courage and rapid response in most critical situations. I wish you all good health. Take care of yourself and each other!