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Herous of the maritime state

Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

For centuries, state competitiveness has largely been defined by their maritime power: access to trade routes, reliability of the Navy, scope of sea expedition trips to explore unchartered territories

In the time of new global challenges, the World Ocean is once again in the focus of attention of international community, becoming a search space of responses to key problems of modern times. It is critical that Russia is taking an active part in this process, is performing a large-scale work on exploration and development of ocean resources, providing safety and security of maritime traffic, developing new international trade sea routes and modernization of the Russian merchant fleet.   

A National Strategy for Shipbuilding Development was adopted in October last year to set the most significant goals for the industry. By 2035 Russian shipbuilders are to double the output volume and labor productivity that will ensure around 80 per cent of the use of production capacities, as well as to increase the share of domestic products in the value of the final civilian production up to 75 per cent. 

 Another significant mission facing the national defense industry sector is production diversification. We should strive to receive a half of the total revenue of the domestic shipyards from non-defense orders. The demand of the domestic market for maritime vessels is significant indeed. We estimate that the effective demand for the next 15 years is over 100 fishing vessels, over 90 cargo vessels of Sea Class and River-Sea Class, over 70 auxiliary vessels and industrial ships, including 9 ice-breakers, as well as 80 vessels and marine facilities for the development of offshore oil and gas fields.   

Therefore, even today our shipbuilders increase the work progress rate: the delivery program of the United Shipbuilding Corporation for commercial shipbuilding increases gradually. While 11 vessels were delivered to clients in 2018, in 2019 the number reached 20, including the unique floating nuclear power station Academician Lomonosov and most modern fishing vessels built by Russian shipyards for the first time in thirty years. The shipyards are currently building 97 various vessels, including over 30 dry-cargo vessels and 30 fishing vessels, 5 nuclear-powered icebreakers, as well as passenger ferries, oil tankers, air-cushion ships, etc. Soon the passenger cruise liner Mustai Karim, diesel-electric icebreaker Viktor Chernomyrdin and the world largest nuclear-powered icebreaker Arctica will head off for their long-range maiden voyages.  

Our aim is to modify the domestic shipbuilding in such a way as to make it more advanced and future-oriented. Major efforts lie ahead of us, but I am sure that all the difficulties are surmountable. My confidence is based on the positive dynamics demonstrated by the United Shipbuilding Corporation that is annually boosting its financial and production figures. 

Dear friends! Russia has been a maritime state for over 350 years, since the date when the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich signed an edict for building the Oryol frigate. Through their hard and dedicated labor, generations of Russian shipbuilders have maintained and strengthened this status of our country, have gradually created a unique school of engineering. Nowadays you are recognized world leaders for a number of competences.

I congratulate veterans and personnel of the shipbuilding industry for the Shipbuilder Day. Thank you for your contribution to the cause of strengthening the defense capability of the country and development of the national industry. I wish you good health and success in all your endeavors!