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Первый юбилей

The fleet we are proud of you

Chairman of the Board of Directors of USC 

Dear Colleagues, I wish to sincerely congratulate the employees of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, the labor teams of all our factories, shipyards and design bureaus on Shipbuilder’s Day!

This holiday is still very young, but has already taken a firm place on the calendar of memorable dates in our country. Strong Russia began with the Peter the Great’s reforms and the building of the Russian Navy by the Emperor. Its first builders, our ancestors, were those who worked tirelessly every day to build powerful and reliable ships that glorified Russia in numerous sea battles and made the leading sea powers remember forever what St. Andrew’s banner is. For more than three hundred years of its history, the Russian Navy and Russian shipbuilding have had their ups and downs. But work never stopped at our shipyards. Whatever happened to the country, whatever hardships it suffered, the construction and modernization of the naval fleet continued. In 1908, Pyotr Stolypin made a speech in the State Duma defending the rebuilding of a Russian battleship fleet, where he uttered the following words: “The fleet is a matter of pride of the nation: this is an external proof that the nation has power, has the capability to keep the sea in its power. The fleet is a necessary attribute of any great power possessing the sea.” A hundred and a few years have passed, but these words have not lost relevance. We still possess the sea, our new ships and submarines also sail the oceans, participate in peacekeeping operations, destroy terrorists and show the Russian flag in all corners of the globe. Our military sailors, who get the most advanced military equipment, are grateful to the shipbuilders for their daily painstaking and hard work.

In 2019, the Government of Russia adopted the Shipbuilding Industry Development Strategy 2035. This global multi-page document clearly regulates all aspects of our current and future activities. This means that there will be no less work in the immediate future. Our country has serious goals and objectives for improving and modernizing the fleet, both military and civilian. We are actively working on new civil and commercial orders. We are building cargo and cruise ships, we are rebuilding the fishing industry, we are actively working on the development and protection of the Arctic by building military, ice-breaking, commercial, and meteorological vessels for this strategic region. In short, there are still many important tasks ahead, a lot of work for Russian shipbuilders. I am sure we’ll not lose the momentum and continue to move steadily ahead. As President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin noted at a meeting on the development of Russian shipbuilding, “shipbuilding is a complex, high-tech industry, and it is of paramount importance to us: it is a basis for addressing defense and socio-economic problems, it is demand for qualified personnel and research and development, these are additional orders for the Russian metallurgical industry, engineering industry, other sectors of industry, it is a powerful resource for the development of entire regions of the Russian Federation ... ”

On the day of the professional holiday, I wish all Russian shipbuilders, all the numerous employees of the enterprises of the United Shipbuilding Corporation personal growth, happiness, health and new professional and labor victories for the benefit of Russia and our military and civilian fleet!