Первый юбилей

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A continent of solid water

On the 65th anniversary of the first Soviet Antarctic expedition, we are publishing the memoirs of Alexander Lisitsyn, an outstanding geologist, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, chief researcher of the P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, prepared  at the request of the editorial staff of the USC’s journal in 2019 [...]
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Mission: save the ocean

The World Ocean is the most important growth driver of global economy, the last undeveloped mine of resources that is capable of providing sustainable development of the whole mankind for centuries ahead. However, today it is endangered  [...]
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Back to the sources

Throughout its history, Russia has always been the crossroads of river trade routes. They still form the unique advantage as the length of the inland waterways in this country exceeds 100 000 kilometers. These “blood vessels” are capable of connecting enterprises, regions and industries in a common system, thus making the economy stronger [...]

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Energy of a wave

The world is becoming more and more «electric.» Automakers produce electric cars, public transport is converted to electric traction in major cities, electrically-powered drones patrol nature reserves and water areas, participate in rescue operations and deliver parcels. Battery-powered ships and even passenger airliners are under development [...]
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Expedition to the north

The Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, one of the world’s leaders in the field of polar studies, is marking its 100th anniversary in 2020. Without ice charts and forecasts of the Institute, regular shipping via the Northern Sea Route is not feasible. The story started with the establishment of the Northern Scientific and Industrial Expedition in 1920 [...]
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Planeta ocean

Today it is a unique marine complex for our country, a world-level cultural center. Its permanent director Svetlana Sivkova told about the history of the museum and its plans for the future in an interview with the magazine [...]